Monday, December 20, 2010

Coming in 2011...The Seth Godin Book Club [You're Invited]

I'm going to read all of Seth Godin's Books in 2011...Do You Want to Come With?

I'm inviting folks who are interesting in marketing and growing their causes (make more money for yourself and others) to join me on a monthly adventure to read all 13 of Seth Godin's books in 2011.  Who is Seth Godin you ask?  He is a marketing guru with a kick-ass message about taking charge and making change.  After reading one of Seth Godin's books, "Tribes: We need you to lead us", listening to another and checking out his blog I decided to start a virtual book club in 2011 that will focus on his 13 books.  You can get a flavor of Seth in the TED talks video below.

What You Need to Know (I'm working out the details and have some people who have already expressed interest):
  •  When: The book club will take place the last Sunday afternoon of every month (we'll use a conference call number.) Duration = 1hr
  • What: We will read 1 book a month using a systematic approach for those who need it (just look at the number of pages in the book and divide it by the number of days before our meeting and you'll know how many pages to read a day)
  • Where: We will use an online space (TBA) to jot down notes and who knows at the end of the journey we could create a book review of all his work.
  • Next Steps: I will hold an interest and details meeting next Monday, December 27 at noon and 7p.m. at the following conference call number: 712-432-1680. pin: 592654# --Tell someone who you think may be interested.
 "If knowledge is the key, then just show me the lock, " ~Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest


If you have any Questions  send me an email or drop me a line: 617-302-6227

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